Sunday, March 29, 2015

Butter & Eggs

    The end of the month of March is soon approaching, and I see all the gardening work that needs to be done in my flower beds!  I usually prune my knock-out roses after Valentine's Day and before the Forsythia blooms.  Well, oh no, the Forsythia is in full bloom, along with the Wisteria!! And guess what, I haven't pruned anything.   Southern gardens are not wasting any time this year! What I love about the Wisteria is that you will see areas in the countrysides where this beautiful plant has been left behind from gardeners of decades ago, in old home place sites, and the plant has twirled and twined into the mashes of bushes and even up trees.  The beautiful purple tags of blooms are hanging everywhere.  What a nice scent too!

   I promised to show blooms of my Butter & Eggs daffodils when they were blooming, 
as they bloom a bit later than my other daffodils.  Thank goodness they did survive the last cold weather we had here in the last few weeks.

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