Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Those rascally rabbits!

Every morning when I return from my walk, I spend a few minutes in my garden.  Perhaps a snip here, a little watering there, a few minutes when time stands still and I relax and enjoy God's beauty. The sunflowers are in full bloom right now and I am really enjoying them. One of my favorite blooms! There is only one problem,  I live in the country, so I have several (and I do mean several) wild bunnies that live in my yard.  I love these bunnies, I enjoy watching them feed and play.  But apparently these bunnies love my sunflowers as much as I do.  I think they must have beaver teeth, cutting down the sunflower stalks.  Oh well, I have fresh cut blooms that I can enjoy, and I do love these rascally rabbits!

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  1. Hi Janan
    I got your message about joining the quilt along but you have your profile set to no reply so I cannot send you an email. I will add your name to the quilt along but maybe you can send me an email?