Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilt Starter

Here in the deep South, it is time to pick the cotton!  Back during the Summer the plants bloomed with beautiful pink and white blossoms, then the blossoms turned into the pods of cotton. Now the plants are ready to be defoliated.  After defoliation, the pods of cotton are picked, then baled in the field, and then transported to the cotton gin. 
I call this QUILT STARTER!

This photo shows the beautiful pods of puffy cotton before the defoliation process.

This photo shows the plants after the defoliation process and just before picking.

I call these plants Swamp Daisies.  During the Autumn season, these beauties are blooming in the damp road side areas near creeks. The beauty that God has planted for us to enjoy is amazing.  Today would be a good day to take a slow drive in the countryside to enjoy.